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Basware - The Bigger Picture

ROI of 1077% generated from 3 months outreach!

01  Brief

Basware, a financial software vendor, came to Punch! facing two major challenges: content creation and engagement. Basware had selected target accounts but wanted help building a GTM plan that would increase brand awareness amongst their key demographic and generate high-value sales qualified leads (SQLs).

First, Punch! created the assets for the ABM programme titled ‘The Bigger Picture'. The content consisted of a hero video to introduce this message, with various supporting assets including an industry report and infographic housed on a bespoke landing page.

Next, the sales team used a multi-channel approach leveraging paid media, LinkedIn outreach, email, and following up by phone, alongside the industry-specific content to stay aligned and engaged.

02  Solution

Punch! found using all these channels in unison meant sales development reps (SDRs) were engaging with accounts across multiple touchpoints, and the combination generated strong SQLs.

Introducing weekly calls between Basware and Punch! became incredibly important to the success of this campaign. Having both teams aligned resulted in fast feedback, and therefore increased the strength of the opportunities produced.

Basware was so impressed with the initial success of the campaign, that they not only increased their SDR outreach days for this campaign but also introduced another sales campaign targeting a new industry and region, increasing their total SDR outreach from 10 to 86 days per month.

03  Results


SQL’s generated


SQL’s value



Basware - The Bigger Picture