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Lumi - Leads into Opportunities

Managing sales development for Lumi and generating nurtured sales opportunities.

01  Brief

Lumi develops software to support real-time audience engagement. This facilitates the smooth running of meetings for publicly listed companies, partnerships, and unincorporated associations. Punch! was tasked with supporting the company’s current inbound marketing strategy by nurturing accounts chosen by Lumi and converting them into opportunities.

02  Solution

Accounts that demonstrated high levels of engagement with Lumi’s content were qualified to be part of the Punch! programme.

To ensure that the messaging resonated with these accounts, it was important to identify the key challenges faced by Lumi’s target market. Punch! narrowed these down to two: declining attendance at events due to the location, and lower levels of engagement during meetings as a result of the smaller turnout.

From these challenges, value propositions which positioned Lumi as the most effective solution were created and incorporated into the outbound messaging. Punch! took a multi-channel approach to this, creating 1:1 personalised videos, targeting via email, making phone calls and leveraging social.

Prospects interested in learning more were encouraged to book discovery calls and meetings with Lumi’s team.

03  Results


Email open rate


Click through rate


Opps in 4 months

Lumi - Leads into Opportunities